Vision, Mission & Work

Our Vision

Each youth and family thrives in every community in the District of Columbia

Our Mission

The DC Trust is a catalyst for building sustainable and equitable supports throughout the city so that youth and families can thrive in vibrant, empowered communities. We mobilize partners, strengthen systems, and align resources at the city and neighborhood level to develop a diverse range of community champions—from government and business leaders to front-line youth workers and young people themselves.

Our Work

Strategic Investments

As one of the District’s most experienced and trusted grantmakers for government agencies, foundations, corporations, and individual donors, the DC Trust utilizes a data-driven grantmaking process that leverages our strong understanding of the District’s youth development landscape to select programs that best address youth developmental outcomes.

Capacity Building

The Center for Excellence in Youth Development, powered by the DC Trust, serves as a key youth development capacity builder in the District by providing training and certification programs that focus on improving organizational, program, and staff capacity to The success of our capacity building programs has created a citywide network for youth practitioners to deepen their understanding of positive youth development and to support and learn from each other.

Data Coordination and Evaluation

DC Trust leverages data to understand what’s working, what’s not working and what’s needed — all to inform community programs and services. We utilize our data coordination and evaluation expertise to collect and analyze youth development data, and to inform youth-focused policies, practices and philanthropy.

Thought Leadership

Critical to the success of the DC Trust is the convening of policymakers, practitioners, and philanthropists to develop strategies for new research and the implementation of successful youth programming. We bring together government agencies, community members, researchers, and local elected officials to collaborate with all of the District’s youth stakeholders, identify cross-cutting issues and trends facing the city’s youth, develop comprehensive strategies that target youth-related issues, and measure impacts at program and community levels.