DC YouthLink

DC YouthLink

DC YouthLink is a collaborative partnership with the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS), Lead Agenices and a network of community-based organizations, known as the Service Coalition, to provide a continuum of community-based services to DC court-involved youth.

DC YouthLink has three complementary objectives:

>  Advance the rehabilitation of DYRS youth by connecting them to services, supports and resources that help them succeed;

>  Enhance public safety by promoting DYRS youths’ rehabilitation through positive, developmentally appropriate, structured activities and enhanced supervision; and

>  Create safe, strong communities that support the youth who live there by investing in and building upon the strengths of local organizations.

Building on Youth and Community Strengths

Youth are best served within the context of their home community and building upon youth and community strengths is the most effective way to enhance public safety.  Accordingly, DC YouthLink places youth in the community and engages them in structured, positive activities systemically connected to a broader network of formal and informal supports as a more effective way to help youth succeed while promoting public safety.

Investing in Collaborative Community Partnerships

DC YouthLink’s Service Coalition is comprised of community-based organizations engaging youth in research-based, best-practice services that align with Positive Youth Development and support Positive Youth Justice (PYJ) Practice Domains and related Service Areas. Positive Youth Justice helps court-involved youth develop in six core areas, or practice domains:

>  Work

>  Health

>  Relationships

>  Education

>  Community

Cultivating Positive Education and Employment Outcomes

Positive youth outcomes in education and employment are integral to a youth’s success in becoming a more productive citizen and improving public safety, while simultaneously building on the youth’s strengths.  To that end, DC YouthLink provides academic, vocational, job readiness, and workforce development programs to assist youth in accessing part- and full-time employment, post-secondary education, and vocational training.

For more information, please visit the D.C. Youth Link website.