The Research, Evaluation and Policy (REP) Division of the Trust is charged with continuing, enhancing and advancing the Trust’s work as a thought-leader on youth development and out-of-school time both in the District and nationwide. In support of that work, the REP Division synthesizes and disseminates national best practices for local practitioners, policy-shapers and philanthropists; produces original research, often in collaboration with community-based organizations (CBOs) and District agencies; conducts research for Trust initiatives; executes high quality evaluations of our own programs as well as those of other agencies and CBOs, and provides technical assistance on data collection and evaluation to our grantees and agency partners.

Citywide Youth Summer Initiative

Our reports of the Citywide Youth Summer Initiative (formerly One City Summer Initiative) describe the participants, programs, processes and outcomes at the core of the District’s citywide youth development summer strategy.

Focus Point Report

The first annual Focus Point Report, “Building Bridges: Connecting Out-of-School Time to Classroom Success Among School-Age Black Males in the District of Columbia” identifies specific mechanisms by which out-of-school time (OST) programs can build effective bridges to encourage and affirm academic success among Black male students.

Research Corner

Our research briefs synthesize national scholarship and local data on topics of interest to policymakers, practitioners, researchers and philanthropists.

Evaluation and Report Archive

For years, the Trust’s research and evaluation team has authored or co-authored evaluations and reports on youth development programs and initiatives in the District.