Citywide Summer Initiative

In 2013, the District of Columbia’s launched third citywide summer youth strategy. Originally an anti-crime initiative,the Citywide Summer Initiative has evolved into a coordinated, collaborative effort to provide meaningful, safe, and engaging summer experiences that enhance opportunity and youth development outcomes for over 19,600 of the District’s children and youth ages 5 to 24 years.

For information regarding the Citywide Summer Initiative, please see the following reports:

Citywide Summer Initiative 2013 Full Report (includes Exec Summ, Report of Findings and Appendix)

Citywide Summer Initiative 2013 Executive Summary

Citywide Summer Initiative 2013 Report On Findings

Citywide Summer Initiative 2013 Appendix

Citywide Summer Initiative 2013 Report on Process and Implementation

Citywide Summer Initiative 2012 Report

Citywide Summer Initiative 2012 Appendix