Research Corner

Our research briefs synthesize national scholarship and local data on topics of interest to policymakers, practitioners, researchers and philanthropists.

Coaches: Improving Youth Outcomes on and off the Field – This brief synthesizes research on how sports and fitness programs can support youth development outcomes and highlights the importance of skilled and knowledgeable coaches to achieving those outcomes. It also provides an overview of the coaching landscape in Washington, D.C. and offers recommendations to policy makers, practitioners, funders and researchers on how to improve coaching in the District and, with it, the opportunities and outcomes for youth. View the Research »

Bullying: Looking at Prevention and Interventions – This research brief synthesizes and shares the latest research on who is affected by bullying and what those effects are. It also provides information on best practices and additional resources practitioners can use in their work with youth. View the Research »

Youth Worker Professional Development and Job Forecast – This research brief synthesizes and shares the latest research on who youth workers are, the kind of training and professional development they receive, and the job forecast for the field both in DC and the nation as a whole. It is intended to further an ongoing conversation around how we can better support youth development through high quality training and support for the individuals and organizations that work with children and youth. View the Research »