Advancing Youth Development Courses

Advancing Youth Development Courses

At the core of the work is the belief that youth play a pivotal role in their own development. Youth development is a process by which all young people seek ways to meet their basic physical and social needs and build the strengths and self-direction to guide their own safe and healthy transition to adulthood.

In Advancing Youth Development (AYD) courses, youth workers learn the necessary tools and skills to better engage and support youth. Youth workers learn how to help youth navigate and use resources,identify their own strengths, and then define and achieve their goals. Youth learn to set appropriate boundaries that maintain their intellectual, physical and emotional health, while also learning to interact effectively with peers, co-workers, parents and others.  course offerings include:

30-Hour Advancing Youth Development Training Program
An interactive course that introduces youth workers to the principles and best practices of youth development and is recommended for youth workers with at least two years of paid experience in working with youth 10–18 years old.

Advancing Youth Development One Day Overview
A day-long snapshot of the 30-hour course, designed to give those who have indirect contact with young people – custodians, front office workers, executive directors – a helpful peek into the world of youth development, so that all members of an organization or agency speak the same language and demonstrate consistency with youth.

Advancing Youth Development for Supervisors
A 15-hour course that introduces supervisors of frontline youth workers to youth development from a managerial perspective.

Navigating Youth Culture Training
Covers issues surrounding youth culture and gang culture particularly for at-risk youth populations and provides insight into the differences between youth culture and gang culture and discusses coding and street socialization. Youth workers will better understand the life experiences of youth and the importance of their roles in young people’s lives.

Advancing Youth Development for Educators
A 30-hour course for teachers that blends the basic youth development curriculum with youth and gang culture insights to enhance the classroom skills and techniques teacher employ daily when working with young people.