VIDEO: Youth Workforce Development

21st Century Workforce Development for Youth & Adults: Strategies, Tools and Techniques To Get You Hired!

The purpose of our 21st Century Workforce Development videos is to provide job seekers – particularly youth and adults with limited workforce experience – with information from people who represent a variety of professions that are hiring in the current economy. We have panelists who can provide insights on practical strategies and considerations for entering different career paths including the construction, technology, health, hospitality and sales fields among others.

21st Century Workforce Development for Youth and Adults from DC Trust on Vimeo.

21st Century Workforce part2 from DC Trust on Vimeo.

What makes this panel video especially valuable are the questions we address during the presentation:

• What’s the best way to make a favorable impression with the first point of contact a job seeker is likely to have in your industry? Who would that first point of contact be?

• What kinds of information should new job seekers communicate on their resumes in place of past employment?

• What kinds of information should returning job seekers communicate on their resumes when there is a gap of employment?

• When you yourself were first on the job hunt – is there anything that you know now that you would have benefited from knowing back then?

• What would you say that the most important quality for advancement and success is for someone starting out in your industry?

• What are some of the most common mistakes you see job seekers make in trying to get into your industry?

• How much self-selling is enough – how much is too much in an employment interview?

• What is usually the biggest area of adjustment that a new employee has to make in your industry?

• How do people find out where the entry jobs are in your industry?

• What’s the proper pace of job-seeker follow up after putting in an application?